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WildWolf 235w By HCIGAR – #Gushfest – Mike Vapes

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  1. Its a really nice mod..im liking that brushed stainless steel/ silver one..but i hate wen mods shut themselves off and the fact that i cant shut it off wen i want to kind a sucks too..if they fixed that it would be perfect! Thanks mikey another great one! I love love love rta's i cant wait for the mk rta review!

  2. Its a werewolf mod LOL… Hey Sigelei had SnowWolf now Hcigar has a Wild Wolf! I do really like this mod tho!! Huge Centered 510, nice paint colors & texture, great screen, solid batt door, Many pro's!
    I have a Proton too Mike & I Love it!! Probably use it the most, had to get one as soon as it came available & haven't regretted it.
    Great review Mike, keep on filming!

  3. Extras go to paetron. U sell out mofo. It’s not enough to get payed for reviews. U reviews are really starting to take advantage of these geeks with no friends hard!!! Your a beeoch for that mike. Take it deep

  4. How long does it take to boot the device back up when it shuts down after an hour? Wait, what, 5 clicks…oh ya that’s definitely gonna take too long…that’s a huge negative. LOL. Y’all reviewers crack me up, trying to stay relative. Great review brother!

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