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  1. hello there. i need some information from anyone who knows.
    i received this rta and i am a bit new. so i wanna ask about framed staple full N80 coils: can i use them in temp control? or should i use them in power mode?
    and with this i received also coils staple full N80 instead of triple fused clapton coils. is it the same with framed staple N80? can i use them in temp control?
    thank you

  2. 4.5 mills is with the smaller chimney. also can get this exact kit for 44$ on element vapes website. this has become my #1 tank! single coil with small chimney is awsome for flavor and the dual deck with the bigger chimney is amazing for both flavor and clouds.

  3. One of my favorite RTA even in 2018 😉 I spent 70$ one year ago purchasing this Windforce, never regretting it! Versatile and awesome tank. Nice vids, as usual. Cheers from France.

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