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  1. Is priming the coils necessary for the X-Force transverse coils? I bought the X-Force recently, and the first time I ever used it, I didn't prime the coils because I couldn't figure out how to do it, but it still worked great after I let the liquid sit in the pod for 15 minutes. When it came time to replace the coil, I noticed the exposed cotton on the top of the transverse coil, and decided to prime the coil, but then I got a dry hit and the coil was ruined after only a few puffs. I tried priming a couple more coils and I got dry hits with those, too. So now I'm starting to think that priming these transverse coils is actually bad for them. Should I avoid priming the coils and just let the liquid sit in the pod for 15 minutes instead?

  2. hi by any chance do you know the difference between the 1.2 .6 and .3 ohm coils? sorry new to all of this and dont want to vape on a coil with nic salt thats meant for ejuice lol

  3. I prefer the joytech penguin pod system for flavour the smok xforce in my opinion isn't as good as the penguin for flavour plus the xforce is too airy in my opinion for MTL but the vape production is better than the penguin and the ability to use higher vg blends with the xforce without getting dry hits plus both the xforce and dolphin uses plastic pods wich sertain blends can crack the pod wich is a shame that's why my local vape shop sells spare pods for both the xforce and dolphin but the xforce spare pod are quite pricey a pyrex glass pod is better for reliability than plastic pod tank

  4. There is a vent on the pod above the fire button. If you place your finger on it, it restricts the air flow. As you move your finger you can change the amount of air you’re getting. Not the easiest way to adjust the air flow, but there’s still a way to do it (:

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