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YiHi SX Mini G Class | Innovation.

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  1. I don't think I like touch screen devices but that colour screen and overall look, looks really nice. Not sure about the joystick thing but it might be a new cool kinda of switch. Now how much is it?

  2. Not sure whats innovative about it. A color screen has been done a few times and that one looks really washed out from the video. Same can be said about bluetooth though not sure if others have all the features in the app this may have. Also don't forget the elevator mod that had the first joystick if I remember correctly. If they can push updates to the device through bluetooth then I'm impressed and would find that useful. I wan't to stop seeing them use pwm in temp mode though it sounds unlikely since they are trying for 200watts using only 2 batteries. They do make well built mods though. My old sx mini is still going strong while two of my dan 40's from around the same time died with screen issues.

  3. Wow this is the first mod review Ive seen on the tube where the reviewer isn't showing their ugly face for 90% of the time and instead just focuses on the product. Subscribed.

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