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YiHi SXmini Q Mini – Review!

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  1. Another great vid, thanks guys. I was really close to buying the Q class but the 510 adapter really bummed me out, not accommodating larger atomizers. This and the G class are looking to me like my next buy in the realm of mods. I think it will boil down to price, how much more will the G class be. I guess we'll figure it all out when they release 🙂

  2. IM not sure if anythign else with teh chip changed but obviously the firmware did and im onticing subtile differences. I notice a little more fluctuation on screen on my vattery voltage readout when device is idle. Not major difference maybe 0.02 more then the typical flip flip between say 3.98 and 4. Maybe its the bt chip or brighter scrreen causing a slightly larger sag or maybe it samples the voltage more frequently.

    Also I notice the fire button is EVEN MORE solid (any more solid and you'll have to be under 50 yeras old or you arnt pressing that thing. Yihi has the best buttons. And she mentioned a misfire, ive never once with any yihi gotten a misfire or autofire, suck button etc… My sigelei 150tc all the time wil just not fire then i press it again it fires. My therion 133 autofired once and teh button got stuck once (shit product IMO).

    But the q mini is pretty sweet. THey removed the auto rotation of the display option (dunno why, guess it was oen chip they oculd leave out to save money.)

    Odd thing is, if you put the left battery in first the device will power on. Ptu the right battery first and it wont power on until you put that left battery in.

  3. Tried both the SXmini Q mini and G class. Honestly, I prefer the Q mini over the G for first; the size and the comfy handy it is. Second, it performs accurate as the G or in general the same great performance we get out of yihi chips. Third, the weight for sure.

    Ps: if you care about the look with tanks on the mod, 22mm tanks or rdas will look so silly on the G, simply it'll kill its beauty.

  4. Dude your a total champ, but ya chick is a total moron and she makes ya channel look bad as shit bro!

    I was going to sub but that chick hurts my brain😬 she would starve if you stopped feeding her!!!

  5. I love the unboxing part that was my favorite part and awesome review by the way that is awesome they sent you that mod that is my dream mod black on black sweet I have a cheap pen vape with a cartomizer tank I could never afford that mod don't like the g class I went to get me some ejuice 50/50 for my cartomizer and I tried the sx mini q class I liked it but didn't but I loved vapeing on it at the store and he had mothers milk in his tank it was good never afford this got 3 kids that come first and on ssi and company's won't donate to someone like me I don't have a YouTube channel with a shit load of subscribers but you guys did a really good review

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