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IJOY CAPO Squonker Kit / FIRST Regulated Bottom Feeding Mod? / Coil Installation

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  1. It's…. Okayish? I don't get the flavor i want from it. Clouds yes. Flavor no.. maybe if I were to get a different drip tip, like an adapter to taper down. I think the tighter the drip tip, the better the flavor.. I'll have to experiment more with it for sure. All in all, it is what it is. I wouldn't buy it again though if I had that choice

  2. I don't know why everyone is trashing this mod…I just got mine outta the mailbox, coiled it, wicked it with everything in the box and filled the bottle and I'm getting great flavor and decent clouds and they even supplied the battery! First ijoy purchase for me…great deal at $25 delivered! The included shit came out at .14-.15 ohms and it's hitting GREAT at and below 50 watts. ….you don't need 100 watts for flavor. The deck design is shit but $25 delivered ffs. I'm happy as a pig in shit with the deal I got and how it is working. Vaping Elitist be damed.

  3. I had mine for 5 months. its terribly constructed, if you get any liquid leaking from your tank/RDA expect malfunctions and shorts, Mine burnt out the PCB after a small spillage, there is no membrane or protection against spills between the connection for the tank and the insides. Not only that but the buttons worse down looking scrappy and the squonk pin connection is not durable I ended up having to glue mine from underneath to get it to stay put. AVOID!

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