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Alien v2? Smok Morph 219 Kit Review

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  1. I just picked it up. The problem I have is finding coils. None of the major online companies have them nor does Smok! Any help if anyone knows where they are. Otherwise, the TF tank is only going to be used once for me. I stupidly pulled on the center of the installed coil and pulled out the small base and can't get it back in. So I have only the one coil to use. So yes, my fault on that one. But I like to keep up to 3 coils as backups before I order. It does have great flavor though. And I love the coils set up.
    But, in summary, I am a heavy vapor and these coils may last 7-10 days since I also use the Devilkin, E-Prive, and Nord as well. And, I can really order online. Health issues (right leg above the knee amputee, cut off last May). I am on day 455 and counting. So if you have anyone knows where to get the replacement coils – it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Mike too for the great reviews. It was one of the reviews that I pulled the trigger to get.

  2. This mod looks really intelligent. I do wish I came in different finishes but no biggie, I don’t mind Smok company. They are very competitive but that’s business. I believe this one will be a great gift for any vaper

  3. Great review mike. As much as I love the new touchscreen setup and layout and a separate mode button it’s still a smok. It’s the Kia of vaping. Maybe they are improving their quality. Just maybe. That would be great if The quality of their devices matched the popularity of smok products. I really hate hinged battery doors. My proton battery door started failing after a few months. It should be a magnetized back side for the batteries. Smok is definitely improving the quality of the coils. Prince mesh and baby v2 are evidence of that. Not the best but pretty good. I agree that they should be using 810 drip tips and including the 810-510 adapter. Include a 810 and 510 drip tip for us. Include an extra bubble glass too! C’mon smok, the extra glass costs a buck!! Save us the time of having to wait weeks for the glass to be ordered from China. The coil clip in should have lowered the juice ports so if there’s still a half tank or more, then it wouldn’t leak out. I’m sure another company will “copy” the coils because I’d like to try them and if I see the mod on sale I might be tempted to buy it, but I have no interest in tanks with 510 drip tips. They get a little juice on them and they become loose and fall out. Every tank with 510 drip tip iv had from uwell horizontech and smok did the same thing. Gets loose and falls off in my pocket.

  4. I really like the Mod ,particularly that Chrome n Black. I'm a fan of Smok for simple fact they give 'good power' & affordable workhorses. I 'Never' had a problem with any of my Smok mods, I still have TreeBox Plus, X-Cube etc.. They work like new & don't have a mark on them! I do look after my gear but still get heavily used in rotation. Personally my only negative with the old Smok mods is the 510's weren't much cop. Thanks for sharing Mike 🙏 Great review 💪 👊

  5. Don't like smok, came here just to keep showing support to Mike… But that mod actually seems nice and better than previous smok products. Great review as always, Mike ❤❤❤

  6. Please stop saying smoc/smok it's Smok as in Smoke. Unless some little 5 year Olds are token up their smocs while fingerpainting in art class. Idk the whole smoc smok thing leaves me SMH and its starting to annoy me. Yes, I know you didn't start the fire You tried to fight it but got ignited. Can you tell me what song I'm referring too.

  7. So its essentially a bigger version of the nord coil. Idk y they didnt do the juice flow system like innoking did that closes the juice ports when u remove the coil. I think it was innokin. Wldve been simple to do with a metal sleeve and a spring. My only problem with smok coils is the cotton. This may b different because with each generation of the tf tanks its gotten a lil better but i sti'll get that break in taste longer than other subohm coils. By the time i get the smok coils broken in theyre already dying out. I just wish theyd try something else maybe ceramic. Seems like I get better flavor with some of the ceramic coils on the market. Keep in mind im a lower wattage vaper than most ppl. I just use tight airflow and lower wattage to get the heat and draw i want so most coils on the market arent made to suit my style of vaping.

  8. Thanks for the review, Mike. I have had nothing but good experiences with all my Smok products, Including an Alien that has not failed in 2 plus years of everyday use. I still use the RBA bases in the TFV8, Prince, and the new strip/mesh coils for the Baby Beast tanks have brought them back to life. Kudos to Smok for taking the time to produce a solid, functional device. I think we all prefer quality over quantity, and I for one am glad to see something besides a pod system come out China. #HTJ!

  9. same old style tank and they went with 510 drip tip? jeez smok is going back the way. Its also ran out of ideas. Im moving away from smok, ive done my time with their tanks. Hopefully the falcon king is good, already ordered and on the way so will see how that is.

  10. Mike why insist on finger print magnet ? I like you and the reviews, other talk about the same. Better all start use gloves with mod's and smart phones, if bored with finger prints. All the best. Smok is not doing anymore since X Priv "bad painting". I like the evolution Smok made on their products.

  11. Very Nice! I don't like the chrome/shinny paint. Can't believe Smok went from 810 to a 510 drip tip! I could definitely see myself using this device but the fingerprint magnet paint would have my OCD working overtime! LOL..
    Great review Mike, always on point, keep em coming!👍😎

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