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Anti-Vape ads are getting ridiculous…

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  1. Parents should be held responsible for their kids vaping cause I know plenty of adults that buy their kids either this or smokes. Or they even get an older friend to get it. Not to mention some (very shitty) vapor products are available in gas stations, places kids can convince those of the consuming age to walk in and buy a juul or even pens with the shitty clearomizers and then come out and give it to them. Hold parents accountable and get rid of those products from convenience stores. Vape shops don't allow minors in them whatsoever. As for the internet if your kid is stealing your credit/debit card to get these products then burn a fucking blister on their asses cause they might also be doing crack if they're so comfy stealing from their parents.

  2. Vaping helped me quit a 20+ year cig addiction. I only found out about these awesome devices about 2 weeks ago and I feel amazing. No bad lungs in the morning. I don’t smell like a horses ass anymore. I realize it harm reduction but honestly it got to be better for me than the cigs man. Also if I never had the flavours to help me like the darn thing and to turn me from the tobacco I don’t know if I would have ever made the switch.

  3. The “Truth” ones always piss me off the most because 99% of the time, they just put a statistic without any sort of evidence to back it up, which immediately ruins their argument.

  4. GOODBYE big tobacco and ridiculous govt taxes. Been vaping for a little over a year after smoking for 34 years. They can push all the propaganda they want against vaping, it's the only thing that helped me and many others off the cigs. Feel much better and have saved thousands of dollars.

  5. These clips are some bs I have never pressured anyone or got someone started it's there choice entirely like wtf really if u don't vape your a outsider so what I could go buy a pack of cigs instead or weed if I desired but I don't and many people do both of these and u are going to target everything because people start doing it every wants to copy is basically what they want to say some do it some don't what next honesty they should fuck off and worry about drugs (I don't count weed cause it's a plant) what about crack meth etc but they want to target the healthier option like seriously shit has me dead plus you save plenty of money

  6. At my country Malaysia i see some students smoking cigarette , past 15 years ago when i was in high school that time already lots of school kids smoking even until now … how
    strict the law that gover have make it was useless because those teenager wil find the way to buy cigarette or even vape, so don't freaking anti the damn vape , try to stop tobacco if really want to have a healthy citizen and stop blaming vaping is bad to people .. VAPE ON

  7. All the anti-(substance) adds only promote use. Tell a kid not to do something, is asking them to do it, especially if they are a rebelious type. Now if you say vaping is as bad as cigs, then the kids try vapes, and think cigs aren't that bad…….even though bad diet is showing to be a huge killer, especially since we don't teach kids about food anymore than snack bad, school food gud.

    Keep reading them lines boi.

    nic is bad mkay.

  8. Been trying to see the other side's perspective since I quit smoking 2 years after a 30 year habit. Vaping is harm reduction. I'd rather go this route than still have midnight coughing fits, tar stained teeth and a car that smells like a tobacco factory. It seems like most of these videos were made by people that never smoked or vaped and instead live inside of a misinformation bubble. I trust what my body tells me and since I quit smoking and started vaping my taste buds, sense of smell and lung function feel better for it. I tried all the other cessation methods except Chantix ,which has terrifying possible side effects, and ended up smoking again till vaping.

  9. Those ads are the stupidest crap I've ever seen!  Just idiotic!  Only a moron would believe that crap!  Were all the people in these ads totally stoned on weed or been drinking?!

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