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What happened to Kangertech?

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  1. Just brought a subox mini a few weeks ago works really well so far though a lot of shops are advising me to buy a new tank as the coils are not available in shops anymore

  2. Seems to me like they definitely innovated, but fell short in the stability aspect of their products.
    It happens really often that innovative and new products eventually get outshined by copycats or influenced competition that improve on the design. Making something out of scratch is hard to do. Improving on someones work is "easier".

  3. Good ole sub tank mini ! First sub ohm tank and rebuildable I ever used. Never went back to coilheads after that. Thanks Kangertech, hope you put out some new and awesome stuff again soon.

  4. Man I remember when I bought my first Protank, and it was my absolute favorite until the Nautilus hit. But just the same, I also remember the constant decline in coilhead quality and performance. Kanger hasn't been the most revolutionary company, but they made sure to have plenty of gems in between the many failures. Kinda sad they're barely a shadow of what they once were.

  5. DashVapes, if you had been vaping long enough, you'd know that the Kanger pro tank II was not stainless. It was chrome plated brass which got a lot of negative attention. Back then, vapers were weary of the chrome plating chipping and possibly the juice being exposed to brass (and lead) underneath.

  6. I started with Kanger tech, and liked their products. I had a NEBOX, and didn't have any issues with leaking. The mod was a tank, too! I dropped that bad boy on concrete more than once, and it kept trucking! I had to switch to a new mod when it started draining the battery really fast!

  7. Is it bad i still have a pro tank and tank 2 along with the mini? I have kept literally ever single mod ,tank,rda,rta,rdta and cigalike I've ever bought since I starter vamping back in 09 Lola ( yes I have close to 500 mods etc ) I remember when the evod came out and the twist and everyone had to have 1 haha

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