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11:11 Mechanical Mod By Vaperzcloud – 18650/20700 – Mike Vapes

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  1. Its a nice Mechanical Mod but the Gap is unacceptable its actually poor engineering.   While I understand there are variances in battery sizes they could of incorporated an internal battery adjustment which can also be a PITA but the gap outside just ruins the aesthetics of the mod.   While I am not into Mechanical Mod I can appreciate the look and design aspect.

  2. Good review for an over priced POS mech mod. Gap is BS.. No magnets BS …Got 4 or 5 mech mods and hardly use em anymore. The only one I still use occasionally is a 26650 Gladiator. and I use a Series box unreg mod. Mostly use regulated mods…just feel safer. .Oh yeah and still use the original noisey cricket..that has a spring loaded fire button..Switch sticks cause of the spring…Magnets are the way to go..

  3. Hey @Mikevapes I'm not the correction guy usually but I heard in your video that you said the 20700 is a 30amp however it's actually an 85 pulse and 40 amp constant with 3000mah . Which in comparison to the vtc 5a is a 40amp plus and constant . I'm not really a fan of the gap it kills my ocd but the almost timekeeper look it has I'm digging that for sure . Great review though I do enjoy your videos just wished they gave you mote for giveaways sometimes lol

  4. Hey Mike, I know my question is not about this mod but since you are experienced in mechanical mods I would like your input on what amp batteries I should use in the Hammer of God mechanical mod. I am not sure if I should use 35 amp or maybe something in a lower amp. The Hammer of God is a series/parallel both and from what I understand, the mod only uses the amps from 1 battery on each side, ie if you were using 25 amp batteries then you would double that for total of 50 amps even though the mod takes 4 batteries but it does put out 8.4 volts.

  5. Never ever have I seen anyone put their batteries in their mech mod with positive side down… generation v themselves tell you not to do exactly what you did…. I've never even done it in my 11:11.

  6. You can use a colored oring to fill the gap which looks great. I use a 25mm vcmt2 which I can’t tell the overhang on my black copper 11.11 and it’s fantastic! Also you unscrew the delrin using long tweezers from the inside of the bottom tube to get out the contact housing. So far I’ve never had any arcing on my contact or batteries. Lastly you can run the batteries either way but positive side down is correct for the venting.

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