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ELEAF iStick Pico S 21700 Review – Mike Vapes

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  1. Recently bought one. No rattling or faulty LEDs, but it doesn't seem to tell me how long I hit it for. I find that to be a bummer.

    There is a "time" option, but it adds all the time it's been used with no decimals so you never know for sure.

  2. Getting one Mike. Thank you.

    I had an original Pico. I've got so many mods and I still swear by the Pico. This seems to be the one that will replace my old one as my go to. Maybe i'll throw a Intake on there. Haha

  3. So Steve what do U think about Eleaf Pico S 21700 – well l do like this, n Steve what is it that U like about it- well what l like is the look n how compact it is, So bottom line Steve – bottom line is its unique.

  4. hello, in minute 1.15 you have that white flappy where you put liquide in, how can I put it in places I have optional on my eleaf elo duro tank. I have the plastic in my death added I want to post how? then no liquid can leak out

  5. The fact that it has a 6.5ml tank and it includes the 21700 are huge pluses for me! The lights dont matter to me because even if it worked i would still turn them off just to conserve as much battery life as possible

  6. Hey Mike. I just subscribed. I like your style as apposed to so many who seem to come across as game show hosts. You also seem to be very subjective as well as informative.
    I just checked Heavengifts.com. I never heard of them until now. I'm pretty impressed and surprised. I've been looking to upgrade my Pico 75w with an Aspire Cleito tank. How do you think the Pico S might match up with the Horizon Tech Falcon tank? Before pulling the trigger, your opinion would be much appreciated.

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