Making your own E-JUICE!

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  1. I have a ton of published recipes on another site.. I have been doing DIY for almost 1 year and not slowing down now, I agree with the safety devices to be used at all times mainly due to the burning that the nicotine can do to your skin as well as the shock to your system, I will say this.. If you want to start to DIY, start off small and never be afraid to fail the first few tries..

  2. Love the vids bro! Hey just an idea what if Dashvapes would release some of the recipes to some of the e-juices you no longer make? For example your wonderland e-juice you no longer offer. I heard of another big eliquid company who did that this week with a e-juice they have discontinued. Just a idea anyways keep up the great videos 🙂

  3. Hi there ! Just wanted you to know that DashVapes is a serious business. The prices are extremly good and the shipping is the fastest I've ever seen ! If you want to get into DIY e-juices, DashVapes is the place

  4. I buy liquid from people who make it them selves and they sell 100ml/15 euros and they make and vape shops sell liquid 30ml/15 euros hmmm overpriced much and also the user made liquids in my case are always better also so……………………

  5. I mix many of my liquids by myself. And according to what I've heard I believe that this whole DIY mixing thing is much bigger here in Germany, where I live, than in North America for example, because since May 2017 we have a bunch of idiotic laws here that restrict us so hard in what we can buy in our shops, so we're almost Forced to go DIY if we do not want to break the law. For example: Shops are not allowed to sell Liquids that contain nicotine in something bigger than 10ml bottles what means, you can buy a 3mg/ml Liquid only in 10ml (what is in times of 8ml+ tanks ridiculous). So we can buy 50ml or 100ml liquids, that mostly come in 60ml or 120ml bottles, so you can put a Nic-Shot in there. A Nic-Shot is basically 10ml bottle pure PG, VG or a mix that contains 20mg/ml Nicotine so you can put that in there. One flaw is that if you buy 50ml in a 60ml bottle you'll only come out at 3mg because you only got space for one shot.
    Anyway back to DIY: In germany we buy already premixed VG-PG basis (every common mix ratio is availabe) and then we can chose between countless different flavors from hundreds of companies, so you either can create your stuff with basic flavors like strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, so on and creat your own from that or grab a extraordinary flavor like bounty, or oreo for example. And if you go to a vapeshop here you'll see almost the same amount of Liquids and DIY flavors if not more DIY flavors.
    Oh another funny thing with that stupid law we got here is that if there's a new mod or tank about to come out there is a council that has to greenlight it for the market what is likely to last 4-6months. The Smok Mag Mod for example was released in the USA January and here 3 weeks ago

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