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OBS V Sub oHM Tank – Compatible with TFV8 Coils – Mike Vapes

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  1. Great review thanks for all the giveaways u do for the peeps.that driptip made me laugh that is a crazy tip but it is for to cool the vape down. Thanks.hitthatshit and keeponvaping.

  2. Mike come on brother we all know as soon as the camera went off you stuck that long weird looking finger driptip directly down your throat LMFAO 😂😂😂 I'm only busting your balls Mike.. Great review as always brother..

  3. Nothing against people who like to build (and I know there is a lot of them) but I like that companies are starting to give three coils with tanks because I've never got into building even though I've tried! But awesome review as always….and you know you'll be rocking that tip off 🎥 lol

  4. Mike just got my order in and I wanna say thank you! My fiancé thought I was nuts cause I freaked out when I opened the package. I've always wanted to pick up an OBS tank just haven't yet. You are the man! Thanks so much!!!!!

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