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Vapoket Zippo Style Vape By FumyTech – Mike Vapes

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  1. Nice looking lighter, I mean AIO style kit… lol
    Perfect for when at work, don't know why it has a fire button though, surely it would benefit from a autofire feature…?
    Thanks for another great review Mike… 😉

  2. Why would they do this!? No, just no!! I'm not a fan of AIO or internal battery mods to begin with. If they just had to make one that looks like a Zippo, then at least put the mouth piece AWAY from the hinge. I guess it's a decent concept that some people might like , but the final product missed the mark. Try again Fumytech

  3. that thing is not to shabby I agree though Mike it would have been sick to have a draw activation instead of the fire button if it did I would be buying one for those times when you need something stealthy great review as always Mike

  4. mike can u do a review on wismec sinuous p80.. i know its already past it time.. but if u can.. i really appreciate it.. because i want to know the pros and cons about that mod.. thanks for the great review man..

  5. Impressed with separate style tank. Top fill. Adjustable airflow. Impressive! 1300mah nice battery capacity for lil Zippo mod. This is impressive for AIO. send me one MV. Haha. Extras prolly going to Ms.Vapes

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